Post 1: Lots of Fun!

So, this is a basic introduction to our project.

Basically, our objective is to take the AirPi, as shown in:, and recreate it using the Arduino Galileo.

To give an idea of what this project accomplishes, we’ll lay it out in bullets:

The system will check the quality of the air in several aspects:

  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Air Pressure
  • Light Intensity
  • NO2/CO Emissions
  • Smoke

Our project aims to accomplish this by utilizing sensors to detect all of these, and provides a constantly updated feed for anyone to check through a web server.

The reason that this is beneficial is that this provides the user with a constant feed of their environment, which shows what is “truly out there.” For people that are concerned with how much pollution or toxicities are prevalent within our typical environment, this project will give a strong look into that.

Furthermore, this is a much more localized set of readings, as opposed to NOAA or, which is on a much larger scale.

This blog will show our developmental updates on this project, so feel free to read up on this!


Post 1: Lots of Fun!