PCB Update

So, the PCB that we used is credited to the AirPi team.


Using their circuit from a previous post, a well-finished PCB was made, and we are utilizing this for our project as well.





**Pictures credited to AirPi team’s blog, https://airpies.wordpress.com/**


The major different is the fact that we will need to properly convert the python libraries from the Raspberry Pi interface to the Arduino Galileo interface.


Furthermore, in our current implementation, we are not using a GPS Unit until we finish our first revision of the project. That is because we want ad-hoc networks to be a secondary goal, as the Galileo is still a new and constantly improving microcontroller that we are trying to properly utilize. Once finished with our first Revision, we will move on to adding a GPS Unit and starting ad-hoc capabilities.



PCB Update

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