Example Setup for Average User

This post is further dedicated to helping understand the types of situations that this project can help in:

Situation A: Using NOAA before leaving home.

What does this accomplish? We can understand our temperature and climate, so we can dress/pack properly before leaving home, and we can prepare for upcoming predicted hazards. This helps a lot, but in some ways, isn’t enough.
Situation B: Using AirGalileo

By using AirGalileo, we can properly set up a unit in the house, at work, and outside. There are benefits to having them in each of these places.


Outside: Live tracking simple weather conditions, along with contaminants/dangerous compounds in the air.

At Home/Office: Especially useful for checking for smoke or carbon monoxide leaks. If you’re at work and check the data to see a significant rise in Air Contaminants, you can make the assumption that there must be smoke or something similar present. You be informed, and act, much faster because of this system. If you see a rise in Carbon Monoxide, you can make sure to attack the problem immediately, such that by the time you reach home, significant progress is made by fixing your equipment/appliances.


Other things that can be used are smart thermostats and smoke detectors, but for those that don’t have hundreds of dollars to spend, this is a cost effective solution that helps alerting you as efficiently as possible. This way, you can be prepared for any environment, outdoors AND indoors.


We have summarized a lot of our technical work and vision for this project in the following presentation: Air Galileo Presentation



Example Setup for Average User

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